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Custom eBay Store Design

What does your eBay Store say about you?

Custom eBay Store Design Think about this: Are buyers able to easily navigate through your inventory? Do they have a reason to stay in your store vs. going to another? Can they even see a difference between your store and the thousands of other stores on eBay, and if so, would they remember it?

We work closely with you to turn your standard eBay store into a completely unique and professional shopping experience. We accomplish this with our custom eBay tools for cross-promotion and our advanced search methods. When buyers can find exactly what they want within your store, why would they shop anywhere else?

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Our Custom eBay Store Designs include all of the following:

  • Custom Header- We use the same custom header design that is created for your listings. The header will be displayed on every page within your eBay store. The header is used for identity branding and navigational functionality. This is the buyer's first impression of your identity as a seller.
  • Full Custom Store Front- We take the same look and feel of your custom listing template and implement that design into your store for a consistent look between your listings and store.
  • About Me Page- We will assemble your About Me page using the design we have created for you to house information provided by you.
  • Fast Completion- After all design for the auction template is completed, the store implementation will move very quickly.
  • Possessive Rights- After payment, all design is turned over to you and becomes your property. You can use it any way you wish. We do not resell designs.
  • Customer Support- After you receive your design, we teach you how to use it and provide answers for your questions.

Here are a Few of the Benefits of Custom Design from LaunchPad:

  • Increase of Sales- Our proven system of cross-promotion techniques will maximize exposure to all of your items. Custom navigation drives potential buyers into your eBay store where they can shop strictly from your inventory instead of from the competition.
  • Aesthetic Appeal- You will have a visually enticing design that will both attract new customers as well as keep the attention of those already interested in buying from you.
  • Branded Identity- Our custom designs will give you an individualized identity to set you apart from any other seller. Your buyer return base will increase as buyers come to recognize and remember your distinguished identity.
  • Professional Credibility- This basically comes down to buyer trust. Your ability to make a sale has a direct relationship to the buyer's judgment of your credibility. Buyers associate a professional appearance with ethical business practice and excellent customer service.
  • Function and Ease- We believe eBay to be one of the best venues for online selling, however, we also believe that a seller should have his/her own unique look, rather than the standard plain look of eBay. We combine the ease of eBay's standard functionality with a unique shopping experience devoid of 'standard' design.
  • Reduced eBay Fees- A normal auction-style listing can cost, on average, anywhere from .50 cents to several dollars (depending on selected options), and that is only for a matter of days (7-10 day average). A store listing costs only pennies for a whole month to list. So why not list all your items as the cheaper store inventory items?- The problem is that when a potential buyer searches for a specific item on eBay, only auction style listings show up (unless there are fewer than 10 search results- in which case, store inventory is displayed). This makes it necessary to use auction-style listings (more costly) for anyone to effectively find your items. Through our system of cross-promotion, you could use auction-style listings to promote additional items in your store. This way, you could list less auctions, and more store inventory to save you from splitting your profits with eBay.

By using strategies that make it easier for your customer to shop in your store, you can increase sales and reduce listing fees.
Call today with your Ebay store name, and we'll provide you with a customized checklist to maximize your Ebay exposure.
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